Instagram-Video: 30.4. TENSION at Berlin's PRE-MAY DAY DEMO Protests →


by red. redstreamnet & 65organize

Berlin police attacked the annual May Day eve protest, Tension mounted in Berlin as approximately 2,000 people took to the streets for the annual May Day eve protests, fueled by outrage over the ongoing Gaza genocide. red. Media is on the ground.

The protest was met with a massive police presence, with authorities deploying 3,000 officers to manage the situation and imposing harsh restrictions on the protesters. The Berlin police have announced plans to deploy nearly 6,000 units on May Day, expecting confrontations on the streets.

Berlin's police crackdown has intensified in recent weeks, targeting Palestine solidarity activists, such as forcibly clearing a protest camp in front of the German parliament. Authorities also recently shut down the Palestine Congress in Berlin just a few minutes after it began, causing widespread criticism.

The May Day eve protests were organized by a broad coalition of left-wing groups, including communist, internationalist, and Palestinian organizations. The activists are rallying against German complicity in the Gaza genocide, with anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist demands at the forefront of their movement.

Amid inflation, price hikes, and housing shortages, activists are also criticizing the German government's decision to send billions in arms to conflict zones while neglecting social and economic issues at home.