News 2017

Practical Informations: Revolutionary 1st of May Demonstration Berlin


Actions around 1st of May in Berlin are starting some days before – you can see all Dates in our „Dates-Section“.
We as Association for a Revolutionary 1st of May Demonstration are calling for the Revolutionary 1st Of May Demonstration at 4:00 pm, starting place is „Lausitzer Platz“.
At the map see our announced demonstration route. The Police is trying to force us to change especially our End point of the demonstration: we will post the new information here immediatly, so check out our Website the next days!
Mostly we will march in the area of Kreuzberg, where 30 years ago the „multicultural“ riots and rebellion of 1st May 1987 spread out from the incident resistance of the internatonalist 1st of May Festival at the place „Lausitzer Platz“.

Normaly police will try to make bodychecks and check your backback at the starting point of a demonstration to see if people are carrying „forbidden things“ with them.

In case of arrestments for all actions around 1st of May in Berlin a leftwing Antirepression-Service („Ermittlungsausschuss“) is reachable by phone under the number +49 30 49 22222. They will try to get lawyers into the police prisons to get people out and to get informations about your comrades. In case of arrestments you can call the „Ermittlungsausschuss“ and tell them the Name, Adress and birthday of your comrade, so they can give this data to a lawyer. Please also call the „Ermittlungsausschuss“ if your comrade is released – to confirm it.

In a big part of the Kreuzberg 36 area since some years is held a state sponsored commercial capitalist Open Air Festival („MyFest“) at 1st of May, to change the attitude of the people from rebelious towards consumerism. Also since many years speculators try to sell out Kreuzberg and to expel the last leftwing and left radical projects and the traditional social neighbourhood. We are rejecting this and are together with all the neigbours of Kreuzberg to fight together against the sell-out.

So our demonstration will also pass some of the projects of our enemy, like for example the new Google Center, which they are builing in the heart of rebelious Kreuzberg. In the last years like in other parts of Berlin (e.g. Friedrichshain) in Kreuzberg has been many protests of ordinary people against their eviction because of growing rents. Also many direct actions against the speculators took place.

Our Demonstration will end near the famous Place Oranienplatz, where since 1988 started many Revolutionary 1st of May Demonstrations.
So people will have the oportunity to join a second demonstration from another leftwing initiative, which is not oficially declared to the police (but publicly anounced) and starts at 6:00 pm at Oranienplatz.