17.04.2023: ANARCHIST DINNER – 1st of May: history and tactical considerations from the past years

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17.04.2023, 7pm, New Yorck Bethanien, Mariannenplatz_2A, Berlin-Kreuzberg

With the revolutionary 1st of may coming up, we want to present a small history input. How and why did this day become what it is today? Also we will bring a collection of texts from the past years in Berlin that have tactical considerations for the demonstration and offensive actions. With the help of that we would like to discuss with you the continuation of anarchist involvements in the fate of that day.

There will be mediterranean food and cold drinks. The revenues will be used to support Georgia Voulgari, Thanos Chatziaggelou and Panos Kalaitzis who are currently facing a trial for the participation in the Organisation Anarchist Action.